Men’s diffuser bracelet

Men’s diffuser bracelet

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Who doesn’t like a rustic bracelet  on a man? These sugar maple large wood beads, lava and dark brown beads Are a great addition to a men’s wrist.

The lava bead is a grounding stone that strengthens ones connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage and helps with stability in times of change. The Lava bead will hold your essential oils close to your skin.

Each bracelet is made by 2seasisters and all beads may vary slightly from picture. Please keep them from getting wet. Roll over wrist rather than pulling on the elastic.

Simply drop a small amount of essential oils on the inside of your wrist and roll your beads over the oil.

For sizing measure your wrist with a tape measure or piece string and add 1/2 an inch

Charms my be different than in picture


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